In addition to our owner and founder Jenny “Scratch” we also work and collaborate with some of the best graffiti/street artists in the world.


Scratch was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and currently resides in New York City. She started painting graffiti in 1989 and was involved with the infamous “graffiti school” in Stockholm. In 1998, she relocated to New York to work as an Art Director/Graphic Designer.

Scratch is recognized as one of NYC’s most innovative, creative and accomplished female graffiti artists. Her signature fantasy art infused graffiti pieces and characters can be seen all over New York City.

Instagram: @scratch_nyc
Facebook: scratchnyc89

The Royal Kingbee

The Royal “Kingbee” is a New York City-based artist.

He began his career painting graffiti on walls until gathering recognition and eventually being commissioned to perform his artistic abilities for numerous businesses, public and private all throughout the city of New York.

His iconic original character creation of the “Bee” is his signature character that is recognized worldwide. Kingbee has recently started using his Bee character to bring more awareness to the declining bee epidemic worldwide.

Instagram: @kingbeeuw
Facebook: kingbeeuw


ANJL started painting graffiti in 2002 and has developed her art in various styles, primarily murals and portraits. Now based in Florida, she is also an accomplished martial artist in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and active member of the martial arts community.

ANJL has painted all over the world, including Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Colombia. She enjoys beautifying spaces that were otherwise bare, with energy that highlights the vibe of the neighborhood.

Instagram: @anjlnyc
Facebook: kristin.doeblin